Sunday, January 15, 2012

BLOODTRAIL....The eBook coming soon.

The much abused vampire literary genre is badly in need of new blood. Bloodtrail provides a credible and convincing approach to that well-worn theme, and moves the concept from strictly horror into action and suspense.

Tired of his life and weary of his sins, Joseph Casey places himself and his fate in the hands of medical researchers as an object of study. A four hundred-year-old No...sferati now in the power of mere humans, he asks for only one thing in return: help in finding his fourteen-year-old daughter, a young woman he has not seen in over one hundred fifty years, and who is the most heartless serial killer ever to walk the earth.

From a slave ship run aground in the Plymouth Colony during the hurricane of 1635 to the secret Kansas City laboratories of The Proteus Trust; from the sub-basement of Chicago’s Field Museum to the wilds of northern Arkansas; from the beauty of the Colorado high country to the legendary mountains of Austria, Bloodtrail is a novel of lost love, found redemption, surprising humor, and merciless brutality.

With so much in literature and film on the blood and gore of the vampire legend, Bloodtrail also deals with the humanity of the subject, combining history, science, myth, and legend with memorable characters and an inventive plot. Make no mistake. This remains a brutal story, but it is also funny, tragic, hopeful, loving and, most importantly, credible. More than just another vampire tale, it puts the genus under the microscope, explaining through medical science and DNA research how the Nosferati came to be, as it transports the vampire fable to a new level of realism and believability with solid characters and honest dialogue.

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