Sunday, January 15, 2012

How I got this way.


I was raised by my grandfather, a man born in 1895. As with many of his time and type, he was a storyteller, and that affected me. In the past thirty-plus years I have written for television and radio, penned pieces for newspapers, and had a few novels published. More than a writer, I consider myself a storyteller. Storytellers focus their energies upon the Theatre of the Mind. More than motion pictures and television, Theatre of the Mind allows a freedom they cannot provide. TV and movies dictate to us how the characters must appear, how the scenes are presented, even how the colors look. In High-Def and 3-D, Theatre of the Mind asks you to make choices and participate in the story. It is the most visual of the medias. If you like, try a few of my tales at On that site is also a link to some CDs I produced while co-hosting a broadcast program called Radio for Grownups.
C’mon, I’ll tell you a story.

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