Friday, October 12, 2012



 Yes, Boys and Girls, the unthinkable is about to happen! On October 21st at 1:00 PM CMT and 2:00 PM CST, ol’ Lewis is going to crawl from his dusty warren and actually appear in public...sort of. Krista Kendrick has been kind enough to ask me to appear on her webcast, A NOVEL IDEA LIVE to discuss writing, books, and writing books. There will be shameless self-promotion and free books galore. Join Krista and me, jump in on the chat box and be part of the program, or just hang out...but don’t miss it. Something like this may never happen again. (and probably shouldn’t)


That’s Sunday October 21st at 2:00 PM CST,



Check out the promo and author page at


Join the live program on October 21st at 2:00 PM, CST

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