Sunday, March 11, 2012


“I’ll tell you who we are, little human Moira. We are the thing that goes bump in the night. We are the tickle on the back of your neck when there is no breeze. We are the gurgle at the bottom of a well, the new creak in an old house, the bare branches scraping against the bedroom window at night. We are the unexplained disappearance, the empty bed, the shadow in the corner of your eye, the empty chair that rocks.”

He paused long enough to smile at her. Moira’s head spun.

     “We are what makes the lonely dog bark and what makes the alley cat hiss. We are the snapping twig in the dark. We are what roams outside the circle of firelight. We live in the closet, we lurk under the bed. We are the werewolf, the shape shifter, the zombie, the evil spirit, the moan in the woods and the cry on the wind. We are your worst nightmare and we may just be your salvation. We are the wolves to your buffalo! Be goddammed careful you don’t come up lame!”

- BLOODTRAIL by David R Lewis

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